Today Us Stock Market High-growth tech stocks aren’t coming back, says Jim Cramer

Today Us Stock Market Review 04/01/2023.

Today us stock market let’s though begin with the first trading day of 2023 and the markets of course coming off what has been the worst yearly performance they’ve seen.

since 2008. the NASDAQ was down 33 in 2022.

of course we all know it was a very tough year for technology related names high growth names and so many others the S P 500 also posted double-digit decline it slid by more than 19.4 percent the Dow was the best of the three down almost only uh 8.8 percent and Jim I think also

important to mention the bond market had a horrible year and so so many people who are not just invested in equities but have that 60 40 split saw their portfolios get crushed last year because of that historic Route in the bond market right now we’ve had two trillion dollars in in savings

in 2021 it’s down about a trillion uh many people who thought they could retire on their savings or at least

Bridget to Social Security and therefore decide to leave the workforce I think are now stimming uh I think are the worrisome part of of the the fabric of

the country I believe that when you look at how fast rates went up you you know you saw tremendous this is a Fed tightening cycle to handle tidy cells I mean it’s

just incredible and yet it may not be enough because of wage wage growth which

we know probably is going to be important so I mean we got we got this picture where they haven’t won yet no

just because the calendar changes does it mean anything else really changes or are you and I going to have a similar conversation what we had before vacation well I think there’s two twofold what is

it there are people uh very good animals who are saying it’s time to get back into what got destroyed in the NASDAQ so you see a square recommendation a PayPal recommendation and then the other people just say it’s never going back

stop it we’re now back into the world of price Journeys mobile it’s got to be reasonable gotta be around 16 to 18. uh High 20. uh if it’s uh higher than that then you’ve got to look a scant so I’m in the ladder camera uh the former Camp it just doesn’t turn me on to go back to the NASDAQ names that were a great software and you’ve had these incredible

enterprise software companies uh you had companies that were uh once beautiful technology companies that really excited people and here I’m talking about Mega cat of course David you turn the counter

or Mega cap it doesn’t matter

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