The BMW M Motorsport-inspired Smartphone is HERE

so we’ve got a new fancy phone a new

version of a device which I featured

previously on the channel the very

special collaboration between IQ and BMW

M Motorsport if you’ve got one of these

M cars this could be like the ultimate

accessory as you just sort of have it on

the center console or in the cup holder

well this is the new version the IQ 11

and last time around I was kind of

surprised by a couple different things

on that device especially the speed of

the fingerprint scanner do you recall

this that is so much more satisfying and

so fast

we have a new version two color variants

for this model it should retail for

somewhere around USD 700 although the

initial regions it’s launching and don’t

include the US of course this will

expand over time it’s currently launched

internationally in Thailand Malaysia and

Indonesia the Indian version has yet to

launch of course there’s also different

memory and storage specifications

depending on which version you go for

all right just before I crack into it

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform 2K E6

AMOLED display V2 chip 120 watt flash

charge Vapor chamber liquid cooling

system 50 megapixel gn5 Ultra sensing

camera main camera 50 megapixels there’s

an 8 megapixel Ultra wide and a 13

megapixel telephoto with a 16 megapixel

front-facing camera and you have a 5 000

milliamp hour battery available with gigs Ram 256 storage or 16 gigs Ram 256
storage I think you’re gonna want this

color which is the white with the triple

stripe the other color that they’re

putting out is a dark model for those

that are I guess uh wanted to be a

little bit more stealth the whole point

of the special edition is M Motorsport

and so I feel like you might as well go

all the way with it

get the

blue black red stripe so like the

previous version we have a fairly Hefty

camera section sitting in this location

the texture satisfying it’s a

leather-like very grippy this is not one

of those slippery phones that’s going to

fly out of your hand it mimics the

interior possibly of an M Motorsport

vehicle this side of the device is gonna

have your volume rocker as well as your

power switch USBC on the bottom for that

120 watt fast charging SIM tray speaker

nothing over here and also you have a

sort of Slender Edge frame the display

doesn’t curve it’s a flat display but

this makes the the phone feel Slimmer

than it actually is the center portion

of the frame protrudes beyond the rear

and front plate

look at that some special paperwork

Haiku monster inside M4 GT3 wow that’s

pretty well you could get buying

something like that and an included case

this time they went for a clear case so

you can still show off your M Motorsport

I’m just gonna shine right through there

pretty basic case just to get you up and

running oh look at that Beast 120 watt

fast charging it’s going to be a beast

when it comes to recharging a longer

than usual cable that is a type C2 mini

jack for audio let’s go ahead and plug


there you go four percent and then going

up in real time and I won’t need to have

this plugged in for very long to get up

to ten percent for example and when I

took it out the box it was F4 look at

this it’s flying right now look

keep an eye on that man 120 watt is no


and ten percent if you haven’t

experienced super fast charging in this

case they call it flash charge when

you’re in a pinch and you’re low on

battery you’re about to take a trip like

whatever it is you’re trying to catch up

to and you can just quickly brush your

teeth plug this in and then have go from

four to twenty percent battery in that

amount of time that is a very rewarding

characteristic and it’s something that

you really wish all phones had at this

point in 2022 we’re almost at 20 screen

size is 6.78 inches 3200 by 1440 Peak

brightness 1800 nits it does have stereo

speakers and Qualcomm Snapdragon sound

certification the super delicate clue to

Parry pattern which is often used in the

surface of high-end watches was chosen

as the background of the tri-colored

Stripes but getting a precise

classically elegant appearance ah yes

subtle Fascination meets innovation

phone is 40 yes

buttery smooth now you can see it’s a

symmetrical design on the front

front-facing camera Dead Center 16

megapixel and a very symmetrical bezel

slightly ever so teeny tiny slightly

bigger chin on there damn close to

symmetrical so Mo just told me I don’t

need to Snap photos because he did a

much better job we have three cameras so

One X 2X and 0.6

hdr’s in there night mode is in there 8K

video is in there so this is a standard

Lighting on Will’s streaming computer

look at that beauty from zidax right

there this is with very limited lighting

or low light still looks

really nice and over here we have pitch

black now obviously the system itself is

outputting light oh this is the crazy

high resolution is that a Linus Tech

tips screwdriver right there what a

Beauty look at the little Nubs on there

way more pixels than you’ll ever need

but you can obviously do it you can

shoot an ultra high resolution image

here we have 8K video


well it’s I mean it’s tremendous footage

it’s a little shaky but thanks to both

you know shaky hands over there but

you’re getting some crazy pixels out of

your smartphone 4k60 yeah

you’re flying man

that’s illegal that’s not street legal

is it

that’s young MO

living life oh portrait mode with Jack

check that one out

I know when you were taking this you

were showing me you can you can

obviously make adjustments for how

aggressive you want the portrait aspect

to be

so yeah so versatile camera as far as

the focal range is concerned here’s your

Ultra wide

there’s the exact same frame but on the

main camera and then obviously your

telephoto Hawaiian moment here

uh he’s mad at Elon actually stereo but

it could be for good reason uh these

decisions that have been made

he’s not angry about this first story

this first story is uh oh I don’t know

maybe you’re indifferent I’m not sure

it’s definitely stereo delivery right

there all right so I want to talk a

little bit about this version compared

to the previous version obviously it’s a

slightly different approach that they

took here you had Snapdragon 8 gen 1 on

the on the last Model you start a 50

megapixel they kept the same screen size

on the front as well the battery is

bigger this time around from 4 700

milliamp hours up to 5 000 but I also

really like having the new chip and

obviously carrying on and forward with

120 watt fast charging seems to be

fitting for a device catered to speed

with the m performance collaboration and

branding it is a special phone it’s a

unique phone for somebody who’s looking

for something a little bit different



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