How can I obtain a Learner’s License IN india 2022-2023?

Parivahan learners licence


1. How can I obtain a Learner’s Licence?

Obtaining learners license Applicants can visit and apply for Learner, License ONLINE by following the link “New Learning Licence “ Applicants should take print of
the duly filled-in ONLINE application along with the reference number and submit at the
chosen RTO office. Wherever the ONLINE transactions are not enabled, the applicants can
apply the prescribed CMV Form-2 / Unified Form to the jurisdictional
licensing authority.

2. What documents are required to be carried to the RTO office ?

Check the application status and click on print acknowledgment which shows required
2) click on print form 1 & can download application form & Form1A ,
3)click on the Appointment letter from the same application status.
4)Fee receipt.

3. Is Form 1A Mandatory for Learner Licence Test?

Yes. Form 1 should be invariably attached with Form 1A ( Medical Fitness)
Log on >>Informational Services>>DownloadableForms>
AllForms>>Form-1(Application – cum – Declaration as to Physical Fitness) and Form1A(Medical Fitness)

4. How to check the status of my application at any stage.

Visit >>select State > and click on
Apply online
>select Application status.

5. How to take re-appointment for Learner Licence Test ?

Take re-appointment through visit
>>SelectState>>and Click on “Appointments ( slot booking)>>Learner’s license Test link.

6. Can I apply for a Driving Licence after the Learner’s Licence has expired?

No. Apply for a Driving license before your Learner Licence expires and complete the driving
test .

7. What happens if I am absent on the day of the Learner Licence Test ?

You have to take re-appointment. Through visit >>Select State>> Appointments(Slot
booking)>>Learner’s Licence Test.

8. What should I do if I fail the Learner Licence Test?

You have to pay the Retest fee and book a fresh appointment. For Retest payment visit >>Select State>>and Click on Fee/
For Reappointment Through visit>>>select
State>>and Click on “Appointments ( slot booking)>>Learner’s license Test link.

9. What is the validity of a Learner’s Licence?

The Learner Licence is valid throughout India for a period of 6 months only. In case of expiry
of the Learner Licence, the applicant needs to repeat the process afresh.

10. What is the procedure for payment of fees?

Fill Application & check the application status provided on the website and click on the pending
payment flow and make a payment
On > home page> select State > click on the payment link and select E-payment > Application fee.

11. After the online procedure is completed why should we visit the RTO ?

After completing the online procedure, for further processing of the application, you should visit
the concerned RTO office with the required documents as shown on the acknowledgment
slip. You should also carry a copy of the fee receipt

12. The session expired when applying for Learner Licence or DrivingLicence
What is to be done?

Try again by closing the application and starting the procedure from the beginning.

13. Option of online fees payment is not available for Learner Licence.

Pay the fees at the concerned RTO cash counter. The online fee payment facility is not available
for some RTOs.

14. I already uploaded the necessary documents. But, now I want to replace one document with another?

visit >>Select State>>Go to ‘Upload
Documents” and Select>>Upload Documents/Scanned images>> select the type of
document to be replaced (eg. address proof, age proof). Upload the desired document which
will replace the old document.

15. How can I upload a photo and signature?

Visit > >> Select State and click on Apply
online > Select Application status and enter the application number. Click on the photo and
signature shown as pending and upload both.

16. What is the meaning of ` Application is under scrutiny & processing at RTO Level’?
Scrutiny means the applicant has to visit the concerned RTO for physical verification of
documents and submit Biometrics to complete the process.

17. How can I make the payment if payment access is denied?
You need to try again after 1 or 2 hrs from the fee payment link .

18. Can I cancel my application and get a refund of the fee?
Application cancellation is a non-recoverable process. If canceled
the application (file) will be totally closed and cannot
be restored. All the data and documents will become null and void. Fees once paid will not
be refunded upon the cancellation of the application.

19. If payment is made twice then how to get one payment back?
Need to consult the concerned RTO or approach the concerned department as the process is
not refundable through the portal.

20. How to know the status of my application?
You can visit >> select State > and
Click on apply online and select application status.

21. How can I change my address after submission of the application and completion of
Consult the concerned RTO. The is no provision to change the address after submission of
the application.

22. I did not attend the Learner License test on the scheduled date of appointment.

Re-schedule the appointment subject to the availability of slots.

23. Is online slot booking available for all RTOs? What should be done if slots not

available on the required dates?
Some of the RTOs do not have the facility of online booking slots. If the facility is available
and slots are not available, consult the concerned RTO as the slots are released as per their

24. Why should I visit RTO even after the successful submission of the application?

Visit the RTO is necessary after completing the online procedure for further processing of
the application such as biometrics, document verification, etc.

25. Can I add another class of vehicles after the submission of the application?

Applicants can add one more class of vehicle through modify application link but cannot
remove already existing categories.
Visit >> Select State>>Modify
Applications>>Add Class of Vehicles.

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