Indian Airforce Day 2022 Celebration Begin

This year Indian Airforce Day Celebration has been started With Grand Welcome

Indian AirForce Day Celebration In Chandigarh: Today the Indian AirForce is celebrating its 90th Air Force Day.

The special thing is that for the first time outside an airbase, the power of the Air Force will come out in the sky of the famous Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh, whose roar will be heard from the borders of China to Pakistan.

During this, the country’s President Draupadi Murmu and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will also be present.

This year Air Force Day is divided into two parts. The parade will be organized at Chandigarh Air Base this morning. During this, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary will take the salute of the parade and address the airmen.

During this, there will also be a fly past of two formations of the helicopter at the air base. Apart from this, airmen will also be awarded gallantry medals. On this special occasion, the Air Force Chief will also release the new Combat Uniform of the Air Force.

Till now the Air Force Day parade and fly-past used to take place at Hindon Air Base adjacent to the capital Delhi, but from this year the decision has been taken to move the fly past out of the air base. This time this fly past will be organized on Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh. During this, along with the Air Force Chief, President Draupadi Murmu and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will also be present.

When will the fly past happen?

According to the Air Force, this year the fly past will start from 2.45 in the afternoon till 4.44 in the evening. The purpose behind getting the fly past done outside the air base is to make more and more people see the air-power of the Air Force. This year 75 aircraft will take part in the fly past, while 9 aircraft will be kept on standby, i.e. a total of 84 fighter jets, helicopters and military transport aircraft will be visible in the sky over Sukhna Lake. In these, from Rafale fighter planes to the indigenous Light Combat Helicopter (LAC) participating for the first time, Prachanda will also participate.

The parade will be organized at Chandigarh Air Base from 9 am. At the same time, the fly past will start from 2.45 pm to 4.44 pm i.e. for almost two full hours.

Before the arrival of the Chief Guest at Sukhna Lake, ie from 2.45 to 3.20, three adventure displays have been organized for the visitors. In this, Bambi-Bakt activity will be shown. This means that if there is a fire in a forest, then how the helicopters of the Air Force take water from the lake and extinguish the forest fire will be shown.

The chief guest will reach Sukhna Lake at 3.30 pm. After this the aerial display will start. Two Mi-17 and one Chinook helicopters of the Air Force will fly from left to right of Sukhna Lake, after which the flypast will formally begin.

The indigenous combat helicopter, LCH-Prachanda, which joined the Air Force on October 3 itself, will participate in the celebrations of Air Force Day for the first time. Four will fly in Prachanda Dhanush formation.
After Prachanda, an LCA Tejas fighter aircraft will take part in the flypast. After LCA, a vintage aircraft Harvard will be visible in the sky. After this, one Chinook and Mi-17V5 will come one after the other.

Arrowhead Formation- Two Apaches, two ALH-Mark4 and Me-35 helicopters will come in formation with Eklavya callsign. A vintage Dakota aircraft will take off in the sky after arrowhead formation.

After the Dakota, the Air Force’s heavylift transport aircraft with a big-boy call sign in Victory Formation will be visible in the sky over Sukhna Lake. These will include two An-32 and one each IL-76 and C-130.
Big-boy is followed by the Air Force’s military transport aircraft, the C-130, which will be flanked by a Sukhoi fighter jet. After this the arrowhead formation will be of 05 Jaguar fighter jets whose call sign is Shamsher.

The third arrowhead formation will be 03 Mirage 2000 and 03 Rafale fighter jet. There will be a victory formation of three Sukhoi fighter planes of these three arrowhead formations, which will split vertically in three directions by making a trident in the sky of Sukhna Lake.

After Sukhoi’s trident, there will be Finger-4 formation which will include a Rafale, a Jaguar, an LCA and a Mirage. After Finger-4, the Air Force’s largest military transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster will be accompanied by 09 Hawk aircraft.

C-17 will be followed by C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. The C-130 is followed by the Transformer formation, which will include one each Rafale, Sukhoi and LCA. This will be followed by an air-display of Suryakiran Hawk planes and Sarang helicopters. The air display will end with a Rafale fighter jet whose call sign is Arjun.

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