CCTV Video Of Delhi Woman Shocks Nation | Can Police Deny Inaction?CCTV Video Of Delhi Woman Shocks Nation | Can Police Deny Inaction?

Delhi Woman Shocks Nation | Can Police Deny Inaction?

New Year’s Eve turned into a nightmare for Delhi girl incident

for a 20 year old girl in Delhi at the police hunt for proof now a mystery pillion lighter Rider ncstv footage have

added a new twist times now is the only channel in fact getting you the inside track of what happened that night with the help of these five pieces of CCTV

camera footage we try and piece together the truth of the 31st of December

betrayaland then a bloody murder times now pieces together the CCTV footage to reveal what really happened that night.?

how anjali’s New Year turned into a

nightmare 1:16 am the first CCTV footage shows Anjali and her friend nidhi leave a hotel the video

shows the two girls get into a scuffle which turns into a fisty cuff they can be seen quarreling and yelling at each other the reason behind this fight is

being ascertained 1:30 am

after Temple simmered the girls Drive Away In A scooty this time the friend was driving the scooty and the victim was riding pillion after some time the victim took over the wheel and her friend sat behind her

10 am the third CCTV shows the two girls drive by on a scooty about 40 seconds later a Baleno car can be seen speeding away in the other direction allegedly after hitting the scooty

once again come to the location and we are trying to piece together all the sequence of instant according to the CCTV footage which we have managed to access

police say this accident happened around

2:10 am well try to show this angle also the road you can see from here only the balino car moved and dragged that girl or from the scooty and the second girl today we just saw the CCTV footage the

second girl her friend she ran away what happened the actual situation of priyank

this is the most important thing a family is also trying to find out because family is not knowing that friend the fourth video shows the car of the accused take a U-turn after the accident the victim’s foot got stuck in the wheel of the car and police claimed that her friend survived with minor injuries and she fled the spot she didn’t inform the police or even tried to trace Anjali the fifth video very clearly shows the

victim being dragged Away by the car for 73 minutes over 13 kilometers she was dragged to her death chilling and to a young life.

debate number two on times now super prime time retired ACP Delhi police person of the BJP for whom I have the first question we were assured yesterday that heads.

would roll in the Delhi police bus no see the government of India the home

Ministry and the LG of Delhi has already raised an issue and a concern over the entire incident and they have already told the officials to take the strict actions against the police officials who were who who have shown the negligence in the.

incident and the probe has been set to see that the investigations are done properly and but most people are inside

how can the police the police’s Behavior so you have a senior police officer Shalini Singh who is carrying out the investigation today I’m not here to defend the Delhi police Delhi police stands accountable here sure but who will answer for the Delhi police the

Delhi police reports to the sector seeing is more and how can the police investigate the police which is being which is being

held no there’s an inquiry which has been set and the government is taking the cognizance affair which is why the home minister has already taken the charge of it and have they’ve told the senior

officials to take the charge and set an inquiry inside and whoever okay so that

inquiry is happening all that one is thinking is how can the

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